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Animatic Video Sequencer add-on for Blender


My next new add-on for Blender is called, Animatic Video Sequencer. In Blender's Video Sequencer (in the Video Editing workspace), this add-on will load in a folder of images and hold on each frame until a new frame is reached. As an example, frame 1 is numbered image_0001 and frame 2 is numbered image_0024.png so frame 1 will stay visible until frame 23. Frame 2 will be put in the Video Sequencer at frame 24 and stay visible until the next frame should start. This continues on for all of the images in the folder.

The Animatic Video Sequencer can be used as the next step after using my other Blender add-on, Render Markers. It makes the Render Holding on Markers function unnecessary, but Render Images at Markers extremely useful. The Animatic Video Sequencer will fill in the gaps.

This add-on is working now, but I need to add preferences and a few features. What would you want to do with the last image? Hold it for a certain number of frames or make it last as long as an average of how long the previous frames stayed visible. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


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