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Storyboard & Animatic add-on updated

I updated the Storyboard & Animatic add-on to version 0.9.97 with many new features and improvements. These are the features since my last update:

  • Draw button split into Draw and Select (object mode)

  • Fast Draw mode can keep using the same GP layer if available in each new GP object

  • New preference to start with Background Rough or Character Rough layer

  • Copy-Move improved - eye dropper works

  • Swap Shot elements

  • Import images onto planes

  • Rearrange the layout and spacing of boards and cameras

  • Storyboard camera views can be saved looking at different panel groups and zoom levels

  • Storyboard camera views can be rendered at different render settings

After installing this update, stop Blender and restart. Save your previous Blender scenes as new files when using this new version.

Production TIP

The best option is if you have multiple versions of Blender installed, install this add-on version with the newest version of Blender. You can keep using a previous scene with the old version of the add-on and start new storyboards with the new version.


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